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Elevate your claim with expert medical evaluations. Begin with a free consultation to access personalized medical opinions and nexus letters.

Blueprint for Victory

No-Cost First Meeting

ValorCare Solutions is dedicated to helping every Veteran access the benefits they rightfully deserve, accompanied by top-notch service. We offer ALL VETERANS a thorough, obligation-free initial consultation to explore potential benefits available to them.

Remote Expert Evaluations

We understand that access to quality service should not be hindered by location or physical limitations. ValorCare Solutions ensures this by offering comprehensive, virtual evaluations with our medical professionals, utilizing a secure, HIPAA compliant system, without sacrificing service quality.

Medical Record Backing

The primary cause for claim denials is insufficient medical evidence. Our medical specialists collaborate with you to clearly establish the necessary medical connections and provide the Expert Medical Opinions required to attain the appropriate disability rating and benefits.

Peer-to-Peer Veteran Support

At ValorCare Solutions, our commitment is clear: no fees on your backpay or earned benefits. We believe you fully deserve your benefits without any deductions, reflecting our respect and appreciation for your service.

In Their Own Words

Thank you for providing me with the Nexus letter and walking me through how to submit my claim. With your guys help we were able to service connect the elusive sleep apnea claim and we also got my mental claim increased from 50% to 70%. It bumped me from 80% to 90% overall. Thank you for making it an easy and panless process. I have begun to and will continue to highly recommend you guys with my fellow veteran friends that need help with their claims. Thanks for all you do.
- Bradley
Just wanted to let you and the staff know that I was awarded 100% P&T. Thank you all for your help and guiadance. Still have an appeal pending for the sleep apnea but I am gratefull to have the 100% without that. I hope you have a blessed Merry Christmas. Thanks
- Dan
I just wanted to share after what seemed like an eternity, my VA disabiltiy rating was just finalized going from 90% to 100%. I honestly feel like I could not have done this on my own and I appreciate all the help you and your team Provided. Thank you for all you do as you continue to advocate and fight for our benefits!
- Travis
Hey Brother - wanted to say thank you for everything. Got good news today when I checked the VA's site. -Went from 80% to 100%
- Joshua
Veterans Benefits Assistance, Free Veterans Consultation,

Our Commitment

Our mission is to assemble a top-tier group of specialists and collaborators dedicated to addressing the unique requirements of our service members. Possessing deep knowledge in VA disability evaluations and entitlements, our team adheres to the utmost ethical guidelines.

While direct medical and legal consultancy falls outside our scope due to regulatory constraints, we bridge this gap by aligning with experienced professionals who assist veterans through the VA's complex framework. Our goal is to act as a comprehensive support system for veterans, aiding them in securing the maximum benefits and medical evaluations they are entitled to.

The heart of ValorCare Solutions lies in the well-being of our veterans. We are devoted to offering steadfast assistance in helping you comprehend your VA disability evaluations and entitlements, alongside the health implications of disabilities incurred during service or those aggravated by service-related incidents. We provide our services for a fixed fee, making sure they remain accessible.

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Streamlining Success

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Step 1
Book a free consultation with one of our experts.
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Step 2
We'll create an action plan to increase your rating
Step 3
Step 3
Receive your medical evidence from our certified physicians

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Veterans Benefits Assistance, Free Veterans Consultation,

ValorCare Solutions does not engage in the preparation, presentation, or prosecution of VA disability claims for benefits. Clients are advised to prepare their claims independently using resources like eBenefits, or consult with an accredited VSO, available at no cost, for assistance.

ValorCare Solutions, a non-VA, third-party entity, does not offer legal or medical advice. Conversations with our staff should be considered as opinions only, and our website, along with any linked sites, is purely for informational purposes. ValorCare Solutions and its affiliates make no claims about the accuracy or completeness of the content provided.

For significant decisions, always seek advice from a licensed attorney in your jurisdiction. To learn more about our services, please contact us at info@ValorCareSolutions.com